The use of standardized, field-specific definitions will enable the infusion industry to accurately, and tangibly, measure the value of administering infused medications in the home setting.  It will allow the industry to establish national benchmarks that will further advance patient care. Health care providers are encouraged to use the definitions as part of the overall delivery of patient care.

Definitions Release

NHIA Announces the Release of “Standard Definitions for Patient Outcomes Data Elements” for Implementation by Infusion Providers

The Standard Definitions for Patient Outcome Data Elements are presented by the National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) to home and specialty infusion providers for use when collecting data related to patient events as part of ongoing quality improvement activities. These definitions were developed by a volunteer-based Outcomes Task Force comprised of individual provider and business-firm members committed to the utilization of quality data to advance the infusion industry. Standardized definitions will allow providers to engage in industry-wide benchmarking and research activities, generating the necessary data for demonstrating the quality and value associated with administering infused medications in the home setting. Providers are encouraged to adopt the NHIA Patient Outcome Definitions to become eligible for participation in future industry-wide quality data initiatives.

The first iteration of NHIA’s Outcome Definitions developed with member input in 2012 included the following outcomes: adverse drug reaction, catheter related bloodstream infection, emergency room visit (related and unrelated), unscheduled hospitalization (related and unrelated), catheter events per 1000 catheter days, and therapy complete. In 2014, several commercial payers began work to incorporate these data definitions into provider contracts as performance guarantees.  In May 2015, a new Outcomes Task Force was formed to review and revise the initial definitions, as well as make recommendations for additional elements.  The new group evaluated quality measure activities from other health care settings at more advanced stages of reporting, and developed a revised each date element to be consistent with other sectors of healthcare. The revised definitions were released for an open comment period in August 2015, and over 60 individual comments from industry stakeholders were submitted and reviewed by the committee. The end result of this effort is the final version of Standard Definitions for Patient Outcome Data Elements that will enable the infusion industry to tangibly measure the advantages of administering infused medications in the home setting.

A key education session will be held at the 2016 NHIA Annual Conference & Exposition, taking place in New Orleans March 21-24. The newly defined patient outcome data elements will be summarized, and next steps toward developing reportable measures will be discussed. The session, titled Clinical Outcomes and Home Infusion—A Way Forward, will also feature a series of case studies demonstrating how providers have implemented the standardized definitions for patient outcome data elements—and what they have learned in the process.

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